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Providing wellbeing

LOC Corporation’s Health Care Division is the leader in specialty products restricting the spread of pathogens and reducing the risk of infection.

Well established in Canada in more than 600 health care facilities and home care and now developing in the United States, our Health Care Division meets acute needs currently unmet.

The use of these novel products helps users meet the needs of their patients, while providing security, ease of use, effectively, in the interest in the wellbeing of millions of people.

We are committed to becoming a global company dedicated to the prevention of risks of infection and has the expertise and infrastructure necessary for the development and commercialization of its products under license or exclusivity.

LOC Corporation’s Health Care Division has developed strategic partnerships with professional associations of the first order. We are proud to work with these organizations to clearly identify current challenges in our industry and overcome together. We wish to acknowledge the cooperation and support exceptional.

Our commitment to sustainable development

Biodegradable, recycled and recyclable products

Since our company was first founded, LOC Corporation’s Health Care Division has considered it fundamental to move beyond simply maintaining environmental integrity to improving it by actively contributing to sustainable development.

Supports are made of fully recyclable materials, making it possible to reduce waste and pollution. We are an eco-friendly company!

Our belief in sustainable development

LOC’s Health Care Division wants to ensure quality of life for present and future generations – that’s why our products are biodegradable, recycled or recyclable. We subscribe to government policies that promote social equity and economic health by creating an economy based on innovation as well social and ecological responsibility. More than a passing fad, sustainable development is a commitment – an approach to management and a way of life!

Health Care Division

Some Products

Hygienic Covers

These include Emesis bags, Urinal bags, Hygienic covers® for bedpans and commode chairs and single-use hygienic toilet bowl covers.
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GO Vom

An effective solution to biological waste management and containment, the GO VOM® bag with absorbent pad is ideal for emergency interventions (hospital, medical clinic, ambulance), and while travelling by: plane, car, boat etc. It is also recommended for infectious isolation, oncology, maternity, and home care.
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Hy21 supports

These include the hy21® Elongated Urinal Support, the Hy-SO Kit, the hy21® Emesis Support and the hy21® Bedpan Support.

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