LOC Corporation Industrial Supplies Division

Engineering solutions and industrial supplies

LOC Corporation’s Industrial Supplies Division is a global provider of industrial goods and machinery supplies. Our multidisciplinary team combine technological knowhow and engineering expertise with the major industrial brands and the latest technologies to supply our customers with advanced services and solutions.

Our team includes engineers, planners, project managers and project engineers, commercials, technicians, procurement experts, logistic coordinators and financial specialists, all with high levels of expertise.

Flexible and custom solutions

We can design, engineer, supply and project – manage the construction or the renovation of industrial sites to meet our client requirements in specific projects.

We work in partnership with our suppliers to deliver high quality solutions to meet your business requirements.

Raw Materials & Industrial Supplies

LOC Corporation’s Industrial Supplies Division is a leading supplier of natural, alternative and renewable fibers, textiles, papers, plastics, chemicals and metals.
By establishing a long term relationship with our trusted sources, we are able to provide our clients with quality supplies, ensuring the required quantities and respecting the delivery schedules.

Industrial Machinery

LOC Corporation’s Industrial Supplies Division works with some of the major industrial brands in order to provide quality technical products such as valves, couplings and controls, parts (including catering equipment spare parts for hotels and restaurants) and industrial equipment, pumps, compressors, motors, measuring and control equipment as well as parts and components of industrial machineries.

Industrial Engineering

LOC Corporation’s Industrial Supplies Division’s engineering team have been providing mechanical, electrical and process engineering solutions as well as project management services for the last 15 years. This division provides engineering procurement and project management services to a variety of industries including: food, pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnological, water and environmental industries. We maintain high standards of quality and we are committed to delivering projects and supplies on budget and on schedule to the satisfaction of our customers.

Agro Food

The LOC Corporation’s Industrial Supplies Division sources food ingredients and trade food commodities (bulk) as well as packed products.

We provide food products such as rice, dry beans, corn, coffee, honey, sauces, salsas, dressings, fruit jams, marinades, canned foods, fish, seafood, meats and frozen foods (including fruits and vegetables) to the retail, foodservice, restaurant, and industrial clients.

We serve many different and demanding industries including:

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LOC’s strong functional expertise guarantees a superior service strategy for all our clients across a diverse spectrum of industries and markets.

A word from the President

I really believe that our people make the difference. I recognize that the success and growth of the LOC Corporation Industrial Supplies Division has closely been linked to the talent and the high levels of expertise of our engineers, employees and partners.
Richard Tanguay

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